Partners Emotions

The events in the hospital are very difficult for partners. They often feel powerless and frustrated at a time when they want to be strong for their loved ones.

Your partner may feel many intense emotions after the miscarriage including disbelief, blame, sadness, anger, frustration and guilt.

Adjusting to the loss takes time. Partners may not immediately feel the emotional effects of the miscarriage for weeks and often months afterwards as they are trying to help you through the physical side of the miscarriage and making sure that you feel supported.

Differences in the way that people express their emotions may cause tensions in the relationship. Try to be open about your feelings with your partner so that each person understands that they too have suffered a loss.

What about sex? It may take a while for your sex life to get back to normal. Some couples find that making love brings them closer together. But for others it is a reminder of what they have lost. One of you may want to make love – maybe to show how they care – while the other doesn’t. Sex also raises the question of when – or whether – to try for another baby. Some people want to conceive again quite quickly; others need some breathing time. Sometimes couples disagree and this can add to their stress. It is normal for sex to be difficult for a while after miscarriage. But if you feel your problems are going on for too long, think about getting some support.

“It is important to remember that you are grieving too”