Special Days

We all have special days in the year when we like to especially think of our little ones we have lost. Perhaps it's the anniversary of our loss or the day our baby was due to be born. Sometimes we feel there is no one else who remembers except us ourselves. It may be only a short time since the loss or it could be a number of years. Family members and friends move on and are sometimes busy with their own lives. It doesn't mean they don't care but they may not realise how important the day is to us, or how we might be dreading it or why we would want to remember and mark the occasion in some way.

We now have a place in which we can put messages to our babies for what might have been their birthday or their anniversary, first day at school, Christmas or whatever the important occasion is - Special Days. By entering our piece for our baby we are in some small way - outside our own heads - declaring that our baby was important to us and we want to mark a special occasion in their and our own lives. We hope you will avail of entering your messages for your precious baby.

Email us at info@miscarriage.ie and we will place your message on our Special Days page. All you have to do is put together a message - it doesn't have to be anything fancy or elaborate (see some of the messages which appeared on previous Newsletters for ideas). If you don't wish your name to be included that's no problem just state this on your original email.

In order to keep the page current and allow space for everyone we will display the pages in divisions of three months covering the year, January - March, April - June, July - September, October - December. You can send your messages before or during any month to be included, or state that you wish your message to appear in a particular three month phase.

As in previous years we have a special page for Christmas Messages - Special Days at Christmas Time. For Christmas 2007 and Christmas 2006 we had a page like this and it proved very popular. Christmas 2008 is now compiling so anytime you would like to send in your entries for that page, simply Email info@miscarriage.ie

If you wish your message can also be included in the 'Anniversaries' section of our Newsletter.

There are lots of other ways we can 'mark' a special day - see Our Book of Remembrance.

The Miscarriage Association