Special Days in

October, November & December

Dear Ferdia,
it's your 5th birthday,
we're wishing more & more that we could celebrate with you in our arms.

Always in our hearts,

Mammy & Daddy xxx
(Fionna & Chris)"

For our dear Son

born and died
24th December 2005.

I see a child running on a
Warm summer beach.
Two hands grasping, a worried cat
Always running out of reach.
I hear and share his playful giggles.Grasping, struggling with
His pets desperate wiggles

I see his face a beaming light
Of happiness and curiosity.
Two dynamos of constant velocity.
Images tumble in my mind,
His little feet,
His little hands, his little face.

He runs, he tumbles, he gets back up.
He will not lose this little race
Under chubby arms a captured
Cat dangles indignantly.
Reassuringly he murmurs in
The vanquished cats ears,
"My Cat! My Ripley"!
Away he takes her
Into domestic captivity
This gentle child of our private nativity.

I see Alex. I see him here.
In my heart and mind
Never far, never gone.
Always mine to find.

I see Alex...
A Green plastic T-Rex
A chocolate covered face
Boots with one lace
A sleep tussled head of hair.
Gently playing with his loyal pet,
A child so full of care.

Watching Cartoons on Saturday.
Morning TV, T-shirt over knees.
Watch that flower it's full of bees!
Bath nights and shampoo Mohawks
Water everywhere "not going in unless
I have my trucks!

A Turtle Lip, a little pout
This is what it's all about
All these things and more I see
Because you had everything to be

You were here Alex
And we loved you.
Your Mother Therese and me
Your Family.
Our bright morning sun.
Our Dearest loved Son.

We love you dearly son and
will always think of you.

Your Mum & Dad
Therese and Philip

Although I never
breathed your air,
or gazed into your eyes.
That doesn't mean
I never "was",
An Angel never dies.

My first sweet angel
Margaret Josephine

Always remembered
by your loving
and heartbroken

Mammy xxx
Lost on 16th November 2005
Due date 15th July 2006


Remembering with love

Tyler Patrick
Lost on 24th November 2007
Due date 30th July 2008

October 11th
Our darling Angel Joey
A year ago today you
left us at 12 weeks
The hardest day of our lives.
We miss you & pray for
you each day and hope that
you watch over us little one.

Always in our hearts

Mammy, Daddy &
big brother Oisin


Our beautiful Baby Anne
Even though your time with us was so short it was also so precious.
You were due to arrive into
the world on
Monday October 2nd 2006
a day we'll have engraved in our hearts forever but for some reason God needed an angel in heaven
and you were the one he chose.  The one comfort I feel now is that you are being looked after by your special grandparents
Grandad Bobby, Nana Doreen
and Nana Ann.
We'll never forget our lovely little girl. Until we meet again.......
Daddy, Mammy and
Big Brother Jack. XXX

When a baby arrives,
be it for a day, a month,
a year or more,
or perhaps only a
sweet flickering moment
the fragile spark of
a tender soul
the secret swell of
a new pregnancy
the goldfish flutter
known to only you
you are unmistakeningly changed...
the tiny footprints left
behind on your heart
bespeak your name as

Haley O'Sullivan
Left us March 2005
Due Nov 9th 2005

'A tiny bud,
Lent not given,
To bud on earth,
And bloom in heaven'
Remembered by
Mum, Dad, Jamie & Cillian

To our beloved Baby
It hurts my heart that you
cant be with us today
but know for the short time
you were with us we loved you
and wanted you so much
in our lives.
We will never ever forget you.
You will always be my first baby and forever in my heart.
Always in our hearts
Mum and Dad.

Our angel Benjamin
who left us on
5th September 2006

Always in our hearts
and never forgotten
.Although we never saw you,
we will still always
love & remember you.
Love Mummy & Daddy
(Annemarie & Conor)

Katie Doran
Born an angel
June 1st 2008
Due date October 25th 2008

Katie,We think about
you every day.
You will be forever in our hearts and never forgotten.

Love forever Mammy, Daddy and Big brother, Callum













Niamh Taaffe

19th 0ctober
Not a day goes by I dont think
of you. You're very special and
will always stay in our hearts
Remembered by Mam and Dad

13th December 2001
We are connected, my child and I
by an invisible cord not seen by the eye.
It's not like the cord that
connected us 'til birth.
This cord can't be seen
by anyone on earth.

This cord does it's work
right from the start.
It bonds us together attached at the heart.
I know that's it's there
though no one can see...
the invisible cord from my child to me.

The strength of this cord
it's hard to describe.
It can't be destroyed. It can't be denied.
It's stronger than
any cord man could create.
It withstands the test,
can hold any weight.

And though you are gone,
though you're not here with me.
The cord is still there, but no one can see.
It pulls at my heart
But this cord is my lifeline, as never before.
I am thankful that we are
connected this way.
Parents and a child,
death can't take it away.
You will always be loved
and be precious to us
Michele & Joe

Daniel James
10th October 2007
We were expecting you today
but you came along too early
We will always love you
and never forget you
Our tiny little man
Love always Mum and Dad xx

Daniel James
Our Very Own Angel

The clocks have stopped,
the days are one
Stop now world cos we lost our son.
At 14 weeks you had it all
So what if you were small
We knew you only for a while
You gave us tears,
also a great big smile
We held you close and said a prayer,
And daddy kissed you then and there,
A few days passed, we said goodbye
And now you float on a cloud in the sky.
Now Jim, Mary, Daniel & Robert too
They hold you close and look after you,
Mum and Dad love you Son
To us you know you're never gone Goodnight my angel
Sleep peaceful now
Your heart entwined in mine,
And every day the sun comes out,
Me and Dad know its you
That makes it shine.

Love Mum and Dad.xx
Daniel James born an angel
on 17th April 2007

My first sweet angel
Not a day goes by
I dont think of you.
You're very special and
will always stay in our hearts
Always remembered
by your loving and heartbroken
Miscarried on 24th February2007
Due date 11th October 2007

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