Memorial Stone in Greystones Co. Wicklow

On 7th November 2010, a group of men, women and children gathered in Redford Cemetery in Greystones. They had come to remember their lost children, grandchildren and siblings - little babies born too soon.

On this particular day, a beautiful memorial stone was being dedicated. I was very honoured to represent the Miscarriage Association on this very special occasion.

The ceremony was beautiful and very moving. Reflections and poems, written by parents who knew the pain of losing a baby, were read. Prayers were said for all who have been affected by the loss of a precious baby.

The stone is situated just at the front gate of the cemetery and is visible from the main Bray/Greystones road. I drive past the cemetery daily with my children. I never pass by without a quick glance at "our" stone. It is for all of us who are united by the loss of a baby. As I glance at the stone, my thoughts and prayers go to my children who are not sitting in the back of the car and who never will be.

When I first visited the stone on the week of the unveiling, I met a lady who was tending a grave. She came over to see what was written on the stone. She then shared with me how she had lost a baby many years before. Sadly her baby was taken away from her without ever seeing him. It makes me happy to know that the memorial stones give parents like this lady a tangible place to come and honour their babies.

Sincere thanks go to the Liturgy Group, Holy Rosary Parish, Greystones and St. Kilian's, Blacklion, and Fr. Enda Lloyd and also to Margaret O'Keeffe and her husband Mick for all their hard work in order to bring the Memorial Stone to Greystones and for the beautiful dedication ceremony they organised.