Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

This Memorial Stone was placed in November 1999 by Miscarriage Association of Ireland.

The Miscarriage Association of Ireland have a Memorial Stone in Glasnevin Cemetery, North County Dublin. It is dedicated to all babies lost through miscarriage. Some babies lost through late miscarriage are already buried in Glasnevin in the Holy Angels' Plot and their parents find comfort in being able to visit their graves and place flowers there on their anniversaries, at Christmas time and on other special days.

With the placing of our Memorial Stone, all babies lost through miscarriage, some of whom went straight to heaven without the comfort for their parents of having a final resting place, can be commemorated on their special days also.

As the Holy Angels' Plot is a special place for all babies who have sadly died at different stages of their tiny lives, the Miscarriage Association feel that having this Memorial Stone would make all parents feel a little less isolated than they already do and will benefit them greatly by making them feel welcome and giving them a setting that is serene, quiet and peaceful for their grief.

To find the Memorial Stone, enter the cemetery through the main gate (Finglas Road), immediately turn left and follow the railing/wall along. You will pass the chapel on your right and will see a memorial wall. Keep walking along by the wall and you will go past a round-tower type stucture in the wall, continue on and soon on your right you will see the beginnings of the Plot of the Angels, you will see the colours, the flowers and toys. On your right, under a tree at the edge of the path is the Miscarriage Association of Ireland's Memorial Stone.