Christmas Cards - 2019

This year we have 2 beautiful packs of cards. A pack costs €6 (plus postage and packing) and there are 15 cards in each pack.

Postage and packing costs are as follows:
€4.00 for 1 pack
€8.00 for 2 packs
€10.00 for 3 packs or more

The links below provide you with the option of buying the cards online using a credit card via a secure online payment site.

If you wish to order cards by cheque or Postal Order, please send it to us by post with your name and address and how many pack(s) of each type of cards you would like.

See below for an example of some of the cards.

Please allow 7 days for delivery for Internet orders and 10 days for orders received by post.

Please note that, in the event that we can't supply you with the pack you requested we may replace it with another of equal quality and also with 15 cards in the pack.

Christmas Cards 2019 - Landscape

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Christmas Cards 2019 - Portrait

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