Baby Wraps

The Miscarriage Association of Ireland designed and commissioned a supply of Baby Wraps to be distributed to all Maternity hospitals countrywide. This was in response to a request to provide a fitting covering for miscarried babies.

This project was undertaken by the Miscarriage Association of Ireland to meet the needs of hospital staff when presenting deceased infants to parents, thus allowing parents the opportunity to hold their baby in a dignified manner.

In appearance, the wraps are similar to a baby towel with a hood incorporated in one corner. The material used is a soft, cream fleece, edged with cream satin binding. There is a small cream bow on the front. The wrap can be folded around the baby in whatever is deemed a suitable manner. Two sizes, “Tiny” and “Little” are produced. The adaptable nature of the wraps allows nursing staff to conceal or reveal as much of the baby’s body as they feel is appropriate. The “Tiny Wrap” is suitable for “early miscarriage” and the “Little Wrap” is suitable for “late miscarriage.”

The presence of the hood is particularly relevant in cases of hydrocephalus and anencephaly where it may be deemed necessary to shield the parents from the sight of the head, which can be badly deformed and might cause further distress. In any case, the sight of the tiny infant covered and protected in the elegant gown can give a momentary feeling of comfort to the parents.

It is not uncommon for the grieving parents to request a second baby wrap; one to remain with the baby and the other to be retained by the parents. In some cases, this remains as the only tangible, physical evidence of the baby having existed.